About HMMM

Hand Made at Money’s Mama is a website where artists can post about their items for sale, and buyers can find them.

It’s totally free, and on a stable site that isn’t going to disappear all of a sudden.  All you need to do to post about your items is register and log in.  Once your post is approved, it’s live.

If you already know how to post an Etsy listing, you can easily post here.  There’s a WYSIWIG and HTML option for posting, and you can post photos.  We only ask that you don’t abuse the privilege.  Keep your photos as thumbnails or medium because someone can click on it for the full size image if they like.

A good posting should have the name of your item in the title, a photo, a description of your item, the price (or the fact that it’s on auction), and how to buy it, as well as a link to your store, blog, or gallery if you have one.  If you’re selling directly through PayPal or another online payment service, you can use the HTML editing option to post the Buy Now button.  If you’re selling on eCrater, Etsy, or elsewhere, it should have a link to your product.

We accept listings for any store site though.  eCrater, iBid, and others are more than welcome.  The idea is to get you traffic and enable you to say more about your item than the general sales pitch.

That’s it!  Get to posting!

On April 19, 2011, eBay plans to charge a final value fee that includes the shipping costs.  This is a sort of pre emptive fee stacking scam.  They do not disclose to the buyer how much of what they’re being charged goes into their pocket, and how much is the real price, and they’re taking money that ought to go to the postal service.  Honest buyers don’t make a profit from the shipping, so they shouldn’t either.

So we no longer accept eBay listings.  Unless or until they become a place where handmade crafts are welcome, we’re taking the hint and avoiding them.

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