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Chapssalddeok Korean-style mochi recipe –

Chapssalddeok used to be called “mochi” among Koreans, but these days everybody calls this particular kind of rice cake “chapssalddeok.” The word mochi is a Japanese word that simply means “rice cake.” via Chapssalddeok Korean-style mochi recipe –

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WobiSobi: No Sew, Lattice, Stud T-shirt DIY.

WobiSobi: No Sew, Lattice, Stud T-shirt DIY. This is an easy but very cute t-shirt recycling/upcycling project.  I recommend using a heavier t-shirt or sweatshirt for this because lighter fabrics may stretch and fray more than you’d like.  Also, I’d … Continue reading

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ARTIFACTS FROM HELL. Michael Westrup makes wicked pendants and other jewelry from brass and a variety of metals.  His is some of the best work I’ve seen for the “left hand” types. …

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